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been set aside from the budget to finance a high- speed rail projects throughout the united states. our next guest studies that as far as the rails concerned and what it does for job creation. his with the american transportation association and we will have that topic after this. >> american judge can be enclosed for spreading good will overseas debts >> i think so. over there, it is like a religion. they go over there and they live it. >> he was without question, the single most important figure in just in the 20th-century. >> q a date sunday on his biography on louis armstrong. >> to night, the history of executive power from george washington to george w. bush. this is part of our book tv weekend, on c-span 2. >> listen to cspan radio in washington at 90.1 fm. it is also if reapplication for your iphone. >> "washington journal" continues. host: our guest is the vice president for policy at the american transportation society. what does your association do text guest: they are at association of all the public transportation systems in the country and affiliated interests going back t
in the united states had to be ground and because of money and power and they always say van dare was like family to bush. we're dealing with these leaders that making deals back home deals with people and then all of the sudden they come back you know and roost here and then you wonder why we're being attacked. we're spending our own money to give this money to these people for energy to come back and kill us with our own money. when we going to wake up? you know? it's like we're being directed in one way and then when we make deals with these people they're suppose to be the good guy and look what happens. host: thanks for the call. "washington post" says al qaeda benefits for decades worth of miss stepped in yemen. first of all u.s. commandos are trained encounter tactics. many say the war could arrive too late to change the trajectory in yemen. since the u.s.s coal attacked the nation has been past toward the illusion that the government is weak to control swats in the country. it's stretched thin and separatist movement in the south. it's got high employment unemployment rate and al
barack obama, the u.s. president, that there will be further attacks on the united states unless he takes steps to resolve the palestinian situation. in an audiotape obtained by al- jazeera on sunday, the al qaeda chief, praised the nigerian accused of the christmas day bombing." we would give a listen to a translation of that tape. -- we will get a listen to a translation of that tape. >> made peace beyond those that osama bin laden brings guidance to. our message, carried by words, conveyed to you through the flame of the hero, we have proved that the heroes of 9/11 can be effective. the message is that america will never dream of living in peace unless we lived it in palestine. it is not fear -- it is not fair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffered greatly. with god's will, we will continue as long as you continue to support israel. peace be on those that follow the lead of guidance. host: that tape was released yesterday. first, a quick political note, marion barry is set to announce his retirement after seven terms, according to two sources. the move would mak
barrier, for these issues. in the united states we have the high-paying jobs here in the united states. host: how can this be done? caller: i am not certain about how you can do this. it seems that corporate america would rather pay the lower costs, then keeping the labor here in the united states. the government may be able to find a way to keep these jobs here in the united states. host: thank you very much. the "richmond times dispatch." they have a report on the comeback of the stock market, and how the seemed unimaginable. that is one take on the economy. baltimore, you are up right now. how are you doing? caller: i would say the number one policy issue for me is afghanistan. and there is the economy and jobs. i have done quite a bit of reading. this is reminding me of vietnam. i think that this is taking so many resources from the country and it will be hard to address any other problem. we are approaching this in the middle east, and this is not helping to solve the problems over there. more money should be devoted to domestic problems. i would like to see a lot done with public
at those the washington post. calling for allowing haitians in the united states who are here illegally to find work. "the new york times" echoing "the washington post." the first phone call comes from chris on independent mine in ohio. good morning. caller: the morning. everybody keeps getting -- host: go ahead, we can hear you. caller: pat robertson was right. it did -- they did sell their souls to the devil. not that we should not help -- we should help. they went with the french -- now they're asking americans to save us. host: what part of history are you saying? caller: pat roberts and back -- said back in 1761, i think, that they chose to sell their souls to the devils -- the french, communist, but they are begging us to help. we cannot even support ourselves. we are getting ripped off by our own government. how can we support them, too? i don't understand -- we are starving to death and, yes, i understand it was a natural disaster but it was not our fault and that understand we should help, there is no problem with that, but why is it we are starving to death, too. host: what ab
virginia. it is a huge room filled with computers. it is basically the brain of the united states intelligence system. any tip -- it was created after september 11. this was the place that was supposed to answer the 9/11 commission report on the failure to connect the dots. this is the place. this is one of its first big tests. this is a place in northern virginia were all the data comes in. there's not a single agency that is supposed to run the show entirely. it's under the office of the director of national intelligence. it is under the director. it is not any single persons jurisdiction. all the different agencies are supposed to be participating. they are all supposed to share the data and make sure they do not miss things. in design, it is supposed to do exactly what it should have done here. it did not. why? i do not know the answer. caller: good morning. in the regulatory world, there's a thing called root cause analysis when a problem occurs. you look to find out what the true systemic cause of the problem was. when i look at what i know, this was not a system failure. th
back to them, plus interest. and one caller stated earlier, the banking system of the united states should be a national or federalized system where the people, through government, issues credit to whoever needs it. that way the money stays within the system instead of going through the pockets of private bankers. so it's really a moot point whether he should be replaced or not. it's who's going run the mafia. it doesn't matter. it's still the mafia that's sucking the wealth out of our nation. host: off twitter, someone who identifies himself as c.p., says bernanke is just being scapegoated for congress' mistakes, washington politics as usual, all form and no substance. largo, florida, independent line. frank, go ahead. caller: good morning. i'll have to second the previous caller's assertions there. hl-1207 has 300 sponsors in the house, and s-604, bills to audit the fed, has over 30 cosponsors in the senate. and we need to call our senators to get this audit of the federal reserve. after that, it will be very easy to establish a grand jury, which will have subpoena power and indic
began to invade iraq. remember that? only a month later, the congress of the united states voted to allow president bush to invade and occupy iraq. we now are in a second phase of the gop propaganda blitz, and it is even worse this time. this time the folks in massachusetts are the target. i'm a texan, i'm a democrat from texas, a state where we don't have a single democratic statewide official, which is directly opposite massachusetts. if you vote against the democratic candidate today, you will be joining the republicans in their attempt to bring down this obama administration and possibly even the united states government. host: open but the houston chronicle," home state paper has this front-page story -- "the houston chronicle." host: raleigh, north carolina, jim on the republican line. caller: thank you. i would just have to counter fred's argument and say that perhaps this election is somewhat like the shot heard around the world, the first election where the american populace and the voters are going to stand up and say no to the obama socialism machine. i just watch with
and in the south american countries compared to what you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the manufacturing side would be the best to answer the question. host: the general manager for chevrolet. thank you. more guests coming from the washington auto show. we will speak to representatives of florida and bmw. -- ford and bmw. mike from pennsylvania. no guest right now, but do you have a comment? caller: yes, i was a longtime fan of the pontiac division. i see the discontinued and that -- they discontinued that. that upsets me a little bit. how come they cannot focus more on environmentally-friendly vehicles? host: abilene, texas. lou on the repu
presently across the united states. president barack obama will meet with the top labor leaders on monday over his proposal to tax health care plans. this is" fo "washington journalr january 9. here is robert barnes this morning in "the washington post." a pending decision on whether restrictions on corporate and labor unions spent on political campaigns violates the first amendment. this arose from a question about whether conservative groups support of a documentary movie of hillary clinton + presidential pursuit violated the mccain-falling goeingold ac. justices said they would consider the larger question of whether it is constitutional to ban corporations and labour unions from drawing funds from the general treasuries to support or oppose candidates. many legal experts say they expect the court use its imminent% ruling in the case of citizens united purses the federal electorate commission for money paid by corporations, unions, or advocacy organizations. the case centers on whether spending restrictions apply to "hillary: the movie." the 2010 elections will bring the for large-scal
in the united states. host: thank you for calling us, our twitter address is twitter.com/cspanwj. this twitter, it's a huge problem for you. and even when you pack items, a bomb appraisal unit had to exam a bag. we encourage passengers to think about what they are wearing that could cause a security incident. but preparing for security measures, the t.s.a. hasn't been vague about what added measures of security. passengers should be prepared but we can't say what they are. the stepped security will be most obvious for security checkpoints and those will be checked twice. melvin, what had your experience like? caller: i haven't had much experience but it's good. i had a couple of quick things, first of all these muslim extremists that attacked us, short of converting to islam i don't think there is anything that would stop their hatred and attacks. and they say that the israelis have a good system on airport security, i don't know what they do. but we could emulate that. and what would be wrong with hiring ex-military and put them in charge of security? host: we have chris, the caller, have yo
, but it needs to change in the entire united states as well. remember reverend right? he tried to explain this to america. republicans, you know what i was always taught? you call people liars, but i was always taught that it takes one to no one. go to your church and talked your creatures, who are not giving you the right training as far as how you should be as a person in america. thank you. host: news from the associated press, "bill gates is planning to give $10 billion to research vaccines over the next decade. also, there is a report that a osama bin laden, in a new video -- audio tape, has called for the world to abandon the u.s. dollar, blaming industrialized companies -- countries for global warming. the numbers are out for how many unions watched the state of the union, slipping down from last year. 48 million people tune in across 11 networks, but viewership is down from his address to the joint session of congress last february. the numbers are up from the first official address by george w. bush after the 9/11 terrorist attack. -- "as latter-day state of the union addresses g
created by the workers and laborers. my name is ray and i will attempt to run for united states congress in georgia. host: what district? caller: well, it will be statewide. in 1994 i ran in the first district. host: "the wall street journal ," it back to the lead article. morristown, new jersey, the republican line. caller: my wife worked in wall street for years. one of the things i find very interesting about -- everybody's basic comments about the bonuses is, while the ceo's may make a fair amount of money in bonuses and compensation, the reality is that the common people who work for these companies do not make this kind of money and as one of the previous callers indicated, it tends to be you rely on your bonus in order to get you through the year. we've made very little money back then and when you live in a metropolitan area like new york or even washington on los angeles, every little bit makes a big difference. people ae not making huge amounts of money. just enough basically to pay the bills and get by. you get to the center of the country, where a lot of irate people are cal
ask them how much, exactly, of this to you deserve by virtue of being a banker in the united states? even though you have been saved by the federal government. our sec person just call in all of our tax dollars. we are honest, government of biting folks for whom taxes are regulated, the banks were bailed out, saving these people, the bankers, their jobs, and etc.. now i want to ask them how do you explain tehe math? how is that benefiting? how is that fair? host: some of the names that we will hear from -- here is the photo from the paper -- "banks testifying before the committee last february, today they will hear from lloyd blank ein, jamie diamon, brian moynihan. leaders in congress said that they were not interested in debating the bankers. their purpose was to get information and it was more important than shaming anyone. for the chief executive at jpmorgan chase, the chief executive at goldman sachs, bank of america, and morgan stanley, that is good news as they prepare for their 9:00 a.m. appearance." john, what would you ask the bankers today? caller: probably 20 different q
, not necessarily republican, but conservative thinking. in the united states here, we have a gentleman in the state assembly that is under the democratic ticket but is also a conservative, many people also agree with him. i'd think it works better that way. thank you. host: looking at a piece from "the washington post, the race in maryland, what could happen? looking at what is happening there with more of an interest, the gop wanting to look good in maryland for governor. "a string of republican victories has raised the stakes considerably for one of the fewer -- fewest 2010 holdouts. they will try to regain the maryland governorship, going up for that this year. in most likely will not announce until march. one of the races to watch. we got an e-mail from paul. "the gop is toast and they do not know. they will lose the senate seat in massachusetts and more in the next cycle and the only votes they will get are from those who have not followed what is happening in that vote along party lines. -- a party lines." lexington, ky. what do you think? caller: we have had some version of one-party rule fr
the united states should be there but the chinese or what ever could come in there. but fake with the closures and layoffs, more money should be thrown into our governments and our country first. that sounds selfish, i am sorry. i think there are many people, detroit, michigan, they have been really hit hard. in my city, there is a lot of foreclosures going on. i think that's terrible. that's all i have to say. host: we will go to the democrats learned from jacksonville, florida, good morning. will there be a long-term u.s. commitment to haiti? caller: yes, i think it will bid. these people are really suffering. that is all of the other caller to say that. we need to commit money to all these other terrorists in other countries, one of commitment to haiti? host: york city, on the independent life. caller: good morning, you have a great show. i would like to make an observation -about the condition of haiti. i am a professor and i was assigned to nasa for disaster in the united states. were a small atomic weapon to use. one thing we learn from katrina and learn from 9/11 and n
in the financial sector and in the united states is well known. typically the problem is some kind of oversight, even the attempted bomber on christmas and the national security problems we have had for the last few years. regulation that is required or needed to be overlooked -- needed could be overlooked. thank you. host: the vice chairman of the fed spoke at the conference in atlanta. in "the financial times" they reported, "the fed has been working internally for months on how, when the time comes, they would put an end to the exceptionally loose monetary policy adopted since 2008. that exit strategy is delicate for economic reasons, not least the $100 billion in excess reserves formed by the fed's massive increase to the size of its balance sheet. the fed has taken pains to emphasize that the proof -- preparation does not indicate an imminent change in strategy, as recover -- recovery remains anemic." md., -- excuse me, california. democratic line. gary. hello there. caller: basically what i believe is that this is simpler and i wanted to touch on something, historic leading interest rates
the united states of america. i am an independent, i do not vote one way or another, i vote according to a person. i do believe that this president has an agenda to bankrupt this country. i believe the debt that is his plan. the people keep saying that republicans have not put forth anything. to say, of argument here, what about selling insurance across state lines? they brought that up. what about court reform? they brought that up. toward reform alone, if you take in the amount of -- what about tort reform? they brought that up. tort reform alone, if you take in that amount, it alone would be $25 billion per year. when you come out of the health care money is. there are a lot of things that the republicans have put forward that would help this situation. host: thank you for the call. in "the washington post" this morning the white house called for more broadband access to increase competition. these comments written in his letter to the federal communications commission, "the current technology policy arm is not competitive enough and wireless internet access could serve as a afford
bilateral ties with the united states, adding the rift with google over online center should and security should not be, in his words, over and interpreted. you can hear her speak later today on c-span radio. john edwards of north carolina, former u.s. senator and democratic presidential candidate, is admitting in a written statement to "the today show" that he is the father of his former mistress is baby, francis quinn hunter. he said he will do everything to provide for her, adding it was wrong for him to the night she was a daughter. a former aide to john edwards, andrew young, initially claimed paternity shortly before the 2008 presidential primary contest began. his book on the experience is due to be released next month. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> wednesday, president obama delivers his first state of the union address to congress, laying out his vision for the future of the country and plans to deal with issues such as unemployment, health care, and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the state of the union address, wednesday night. our coverage starts
business. it's in excusable when national security is involved. that the president of the united states should tell the cia to issue guidance of the timely distribution of intelligence reports is unsettling to put it mindly. it's mind-boggling the president felt the need to instruct the director of national intelligence to take further steps to raise the standard of trade craft analysis especially analysis designed to uncover terrorists plots either this is boilerplate or the country is in a world of trouble. that's "washington post" this morning. here's the "wall street journal". failure to connect the dots. the antiterror education of president obama continued yesterday with the white house report blameing the white house report counter terrorism community as a whole from a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that would have prevented uma farouk abdulmutallab from boarding a plane on christmas day. mr. obama blamed no one in particular for the failure and not even george bush. in one sense this is a refreshing sense the president said the bucharest stops with him. what's your
, because it offers the best path toward a world with the united states is not always operating as an anti-terrorist robocop." guest: to have allies around the world combating terrorism makes a good deal of sense. that does not mean we turn our backs on the mission in afghanistan or iraq. i do not think the president has suggested that we do that. this is not a world we are choosing, but a world wto which we have to respond to the alternative is to lose, and if we lose, that would encourage those who would attack as everywhere around the world to keep it up. i think it is a multi-front approach -- i think a multi- front approaches appropriate, and the idea that we would train other countries to meet this threat around world makes a great deal of sense. we need to uncover pots before they unfold, but we need to -- and cover plots before they unfold, but we need to take the war to the enemy in other parts of the world, so that they cannot choose the time and place of the encounter bridge we need to -- so that they cannot choose the time and place of the encounter. yes, it does make sense for
jr. is legacy and an acknowledgement that the united states remains some distance from the post-racial world that many had envisioned immediately after his inauguration." we are asking what has changed in civil-rights and race relations over 50 years. joanne, kansas city. good morning. caller: hello, i listen to you every day, seven days a week. i am a 70-year-old woman. i was a young woman during the march of martin luther king and civil rights. things are more blatant than they were back then. we still get beaten by the police in our neighborhood. our children are taken off to prison for drugs and stuff that the average white kid does not. host: you say that racism is more blatant than it was 50 years ago? caller: very much so. when you can get on television, like rush limbaugh, the fox news people, and sank niggey nigger d stuff like that. host: do you hear them use those words? caller: yes, i do. rush limbaugh, if he would stop taking ought to come -- ox ycontin, maybe he would learn how to talk to people. host: detroit, bill. independent line. your thoughts? caller: i am pr
by health care experts like you. i cannot understand how the united states is spending twice as much capita as any other country in the world. whether it is a single payer, like canada, or countries with universal, regulated insurance, such as the netherlands, switzerland, and we are still paying twice as much? i can only contribute it to the fact that our congress is so financially corrupt. host: drew armstrong, help jack understand this. guest: he is right, on a per- capita basis, we spend more money than just about any other nation, and we get less. from a financial standpoint dancand care standpoint, our heh care programs are disappointed. -- disjointed. part of that reason is because we do not have a centralized health care system. it is a fragmented collection of many elements. to even call it a health care system it is something of a leap. we are not pouring all this money back into the people who already have care. a huge amount of this is going to care for about 35 million who do not have care, so we will be bringing people into this "system." the idea is to get the per capita spen
in pakistan is telling military students that the united states has no designs on pakistan's nuclear weapons or, in his words, a single inch of pakistani soil. speaking in a glum about he says fighting terrorists along the border is in pakistan's interest as well as the united states. it the u.s. wants pakistan to take on taliban militants who use its television -- territories as a refuge. nearby india, aviation officials said the country issued a terror alert the airport after the country received reports and all coddling to militant was plotting to hijack a plane. indian media reporting the plot was targeting air india or indian airlines heading for a neighboring south asian country. the latest headlines on c-span radio. memo wednesday, president obama delivers his first state of the union address to congress, laying out his vision for the future of the country and his plans to deal with issues such as unemployment, health care, and the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the state of the union address, wednesday night. our coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. you can also listen to t
of the prisons of the united states, some of them have been saved. we're grateful for that. we're grateful for everything the u.s. is doing at this point. host: as far as giving out information to florida. how'd you get information? caller: we have created our own system. first, we have a government corresponded in haiti. i spoke with him today for two minutes and the phone cut off. since then, have not been able to reach him. everyone was looking to find a family in different areas. we asked them to call in. they call in and tell us certain areas are ok. for people in those areas, but are not 100% to ensure but that gives them hope. there was a station in haiti that was able to broadcast on the internet, 80.com. -- haiti.com if you're looking for someone, we have found people on the ground who exactly will tell us what the situation is. cnn did a great job. we are grateful for all that is happening. how long will it take to really make z:y of what is happened. we're trying to make sense of what has happened. and about 5 minutes, i will talk to people. my heart is so sad because of what ha
what you have to say as the united states and other nations around the world send relief efforts into the island nation. i]we will begin with a discussin çabout some of these efforts wh samuel worthington, president and ceo of a group called interaction. about u.s. efforts. we heard from southern command generals yesterday. but non-government organizations have a role as well. talk to us about what you are hoping to do. guest: at this point in time, there are over 40 nonprofits operating in haiti. they have large staffs. hundreds of people on the ground trying to find their loved ones and get organized. ñrbut they already committed tes of millions of dollarsñrçó in from the americanq people and working very closely with the u.n. system. overnight in numberç of courtny mechanisms were set up -- coordinating mechanisms were set up. they are beginning to get engaged. already some search and rescue efforts haveç gone in. there is a government team during the assessment from international development. but it is a matter of trying to get people together, to get organized, and
's right. 196 detainees left. 35 to be tried in the united states, 50 to be held under a law of war regime. and another 10 to be repatroted. what i 0 would suggest is from those comments, we look to see different options available. i would suggest that the detention facility is not closing in the time anticipated but now is the fresh opportunity for us to look at providing the president with additional solutions. you have civilian law enforcement model and a law of war model. it seems a great time for policy makers to look at the national security court system. they are trying to follow the recommendations of the task forces for what's available. after the supreme court decision in late 2008, june, i believe. they offered very little guidance on what to do. they said yes, they could bring the detainees into the united states. they didn't give any guidance on how to determine they could come into the united states. there is no guidance given caller: what exactly is the cost per an inmate in the long term in trying these people. i know each individual is different, but what is the long-term
. [cheers and applause] i think the people of massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator. [cheers and applause] >> 41, 41, 41. twitter.com/cspanwj >> >> i wish we were here with better news tonight, but we are not. and i want to take this moment first of all for all of you in this room and those of you who are probably still out working. you poured your hearts and souls into this campaign, and there are thousands of you. literally, we had thousands of people out on the streets since september. i want to say thank you for everything that you did. obviously not just for me but for the campaign and what we stood for in this campaign. host: at the table now, michael kranish, political reporter from the "boston globe. we go to massachusetts with this report from your paper. tell us more about the anger in the commonwealth. guest: well, martha coakley was up 30 points a week ago. there was this anger that she was not campaigning as vigorously as democrats wanted her to. she thought this was going to be a cakewalk. she was not on the air for a while and a lot of people w
not be president of the united states today. thank you. host: thanks for the call. good morning. caller: i wanted to say, i think absolutely right. first of all. dialect. i don't know what that is. second of all the no bearing on whether or not he's qualified for the position at all. really makes me see senator reid in the light he truly is because his true colors came out when he said what he said. that's what he thought. now he's trying, you know, change his words up because of the political fall out but he said absolutely what he felt and i think he should help the conflict in his re-election. host: this is what he said according to the book game change. quote, a light skinned african-american with no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one. that describing barack obama and this response issued by the senate leader yesterday. i deeply regret using such a poor choice of words and i apologize for offending any americans. i was proud and enthused to support president barack obama and have worked as hard as i can to advance the president legislative agenda. john from new york city on the demo
that allow employers to offshore living wage jobs that would be high paying jobs, out of the united states with a tax break given to them by we, the taxpayers, to ship our jobs overseas to country's mood don't have the same labor laws and safety laws and to also don't have to pay -- or don't have the increased cost of new products or health care costs, increasing the costs of their products. how do we as a country come to terms with the way that we have structured our business laws, trade laws. how does that impact where we are now? i believe it is damaged us. i sincerely believe that the ability for employers, multinationals, to seek out the country with the lowest cost in terms of production -- not that americans are not producing. we are producing at a stellar rate. we are producing more with less. host: @ thank you. at this point we will stop because we understand your question and we will start with lawrence mishel. guest: sandy, i think you are onto something that is important, and the large trade deficits we have had and the erosion of manufacturing has been a major blow to the midd
will be tuning in and everybody wants that moment on tv with the president of the united states. host: linda feldman is what the christian science monitor. and to your phone calls, what would you like to hear the president say tonight? college park, maryland, stephanie on the line for democrats. caller: i guess for me in the economy is one of the main issues obama should focus on. i think he is trying with the spending, talking about the spending cuts -- and it is a start. no matter what he does, that our people or are going to complain setting the spending cuts, it is not enough. people don't want him to start talking about cutting social security and medicare and medicaid, probably the two main things basically bleeding us dry. but basically it is suicide to talk about those two. so we are going to have to go with, i guess, the spending cuts that he suggested. that is basically all i have to say. host: little rock, arkansas. paul on the republican line. caller: the morning, greta. i would like the president to talk about jobs and the economy. and during the campaign he promised to save mil
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